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Collection Of A Heart Youtube

Ep1 No More Gender Wars

Ep2 Breonna Taylor 

Ep3 Protecting Black Women

Ep4 Dynamics Of Woman and Man

Ep5 You Should Tell someone how you want and need to be loved

Ep6 Teach the Kids Stop Competing and/or being Nasty to them

Ep 7 Highlighting two products I use Daily

Ep 8 Black Owned Product Reviewer

Ep 9 "Lets Go Half On An Attraction

Ep 10 A Shout Out To A Young Lady Entrepreneur

Ep 11 Courting, Dating, And Showing Love

Ep 12 Happy New Year And Let's Start Off Right

Ep 13 Don't Be A Park Bench

Ep 14 DC, Whitehouse, Protest, And Government

Ep 15 Why "Let's see Where it goes" Is A Good For Dating

Ep 16 Sunday Preaching ***The Word***

Ep 17 Love, Romance, And Valentine's Day

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