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Spoken Word Artist

Coming Soon!

We are going to feature some of the best Spoken word artist out! Very inspirational, thought provoking, mind boggling, reality based, community related and positive type of works!


Coming real Soon!

Art Of Palindrome

Art of Palindrome

"Palindrome Art Within Art. It Just Is. We Just Are. Join us #ontheVERGE"


Palindrome is an artistic mash-up featuring guitarist extraordinaire Josh Falk and


spoken word artist Jersey Campbell.  They are proud members of the VERGE


collective, Long Island's growing group of artists dedicated to real and positive


artistic expression.  Created late February 2013, they set out to combine their


talents and create art that stimulates and enlightens the Human-Being.  Since their


brief inception, they have featured at various shows including VERGE's "This


Woman's Work", Street Poets NYC's "Thee Open Mic", Able Body Leadership


Alliance's Pre-Mothers Day Celebration, and Jay Vegas' Video Premier Showcase


"Where I'm From".  They have also been featured on Best Kept Secret, a radio


show on SUNY Old Westbury Web Radio.  Be on the lookout for Palindrome


throughout Long Island and NYC as they perform and share their art at various


venues and shows.




Josh Falk: 516.395.5442 Jersey


Campbell: 516.640.9097




Here's a video of us featuring at Street Poets NYC's Thee Open Mic back in April:
Twitter: @artofPalindrome
Musical Poetry: (tracks haven't been mastered yet but we're working on it)
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